I have any many previous denture made but I always had to use fixdent to keep them tight on the gums. But since I got my new dentures for Langton`s Denture Clinic, I haven`t used anything since.
Thanks to Patrick and the team.
P. Byrne

I have always been very nervous getting any dental procedures done since I was a child. At Langton’s Denture Clinic, they are very friendly and made me feel very comfortable and even forgot that I’m usually nervous about any dental procedures.
G. Purcell

My mother is in a nursing home and lost her dentures. Patrick the Clinical Dental Technician went out and visited her. I could not believe how quick he made her a new dentures and she never had to leave her room. Many thanks for all the help.
S. Edwards

I have been very conscious about the look of my dentures for years. A friend recommended Patrick at Langton’s Denture Clinic. I found him very professional, he listens to what I had to say, and we both worked as a team to get the final look of my new dentures. They look so natural, the look the same as my natural teeth before I lost them. I feel a lot more confident and I look allot younger.
Thanks Mary

Our Promise to You

It’s all about you, your smile, and your ability to chew well, eat nutritiously, and enjoy your foods, to look vital, youthful, and natural, to be confident, to be comfortable, and to be healthy to be happy. You deserve nothing less.
For three generations my family has worked to ensure these ideas are brought to reality with precision fit custom crafted dentures .It my honour to carry on this tradition today.