Useful Information

First time wearing dentures


Getting used to your dentures:

Adjusting to dentures can seem daunting at first, as dentures work differently to your natural teeth, however with practice you will get used to them. Initially you should start off by wearing your dentures for an hour or so and have a break in-between. Gradually increase the amount of time wearing your dentures and they will soon become easier to wear. However, if the new dentures are causing discomfort or pain every time you wear them, contact us. New dentures usually need minor adjustments to stop them rubbing or to remove pressure areas. Before you come in for the appointment you must wear the dentures two hours prior so we can see exactly where the denture is rubbing or hurting. It is recommended that you remove your dentures while sleeping to give your mouth a rest. Leave them in water to prevent any warping or cracking.



Initially after getting a new set of dentures you may find that you are speaking with a lisp. The tongue will eventually adapt to the new dentures with practice. We recommend reading aloud for up to 10 minutes a day will train the tongue, most patients have made significant progress after a few weeks of reading.



At first eating with a new set of dentures can be challenging. The front teeth on the denture are mainly for appearance and speech and the back teeth are for eating. When you first get your dentures, you should start off with softer foods and allow yourself to slowly adapt to harder foods over time. We advise that you cut your food into small bite-sized chunks.


Rinse your dentures with cold water as soon as possible after eating food, this is to prevent food becoming lodged and causing discomfort.



Caring for your dentures:

Steep your dentures in an antibacterial cleaning solution (Such as Sterodent) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Brush gently with a soft bristled toothbrush or a denture brush to remove any particles.


Rinse thoroughly and soak in water.


Never use any bleaching products to clean your dentures. Bleaching can weaken the denture as well as making them look unsightly.


Do not use very hot water to clean your dentures as it may cause them to warp.



Appliance Care (Mouth guards/ night splints/ bleaching trays/ retainers)

Rinse under cold water after each use.


Dilute a small quantity of detergent in a cup of warm water.


Use a soft toothbrush to remove any particles from the appliance.


Rinse appliance and toothbrush using cold water.